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At Red Moon Bakery, we love good food. Our passion is serving the best, If you are cruising our site, We share the same love, welcome friend.

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Our Cookies are baked fresh everyday for that perfect taste of goodness in every bite

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Bagels are perfect breakfast, we do the original recipe, boiled and baked to give that perfect chewy texture in every bite. Its not to be confused with a burger bun

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Come to our cafe' bakery and smell the freshness of our breads. A great variety of breads for every palette.

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Not everyone has the perfect Pie, we do. Try our various range of seasonal pies.

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If you have a sweet tooth, our pastries are for you. A wide range of pastries to choose from.

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Soft, Moist and perfect blend of flavours

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Breakfast Goodies

Our breakfast range is one of a kind

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Tea Time Cakes

Using traditional recipes from around the world, our tea time cakes are a perfect compliment to your favourite beverage.

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Every Occasion deserves a Redmoon Cake.

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Our cupcakes have the magical power of bringing happiness

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Mini Cupcakes

If you love the cupcake, but need a smaller version.

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A blend of egg and your favourite topping combined with our freshly bakes crusty shell

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